21 CFR § 184.1854 - Sucrose.

§ 184.1854 Sucrose.

(a) Sucrose (C12H22O11, CAS Reg. No. 57-50-11-1) sugar, cane sugar, or beet sugar is the chemical β-D-fructofuranosyl-α-D-glucopyranoside. Sucrose is obtained by crystallization from sugar cane or sugar beet juice that has been extracted by pressing or diffusion, then clarified and evaporated.

(b) The ingredient must be of a purity suitable for its intended use.

(c) In accordance with § 184.1(b)(1), the ingredient is used in food with no limitation other than current good manufacturing practice.

(d) Prior sanctions for this ingredient different from the uses established in this section do not exist or have been waived.

[53 FR 44876, Nov. 7, 1988; 54 FR 228, Jan. 4, 1989, as amended at 73 FR 8608, Feb. 14, 2008]

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