21 CFR § 225.58 - Laboratory controls.

§ 225.58 Laboratory controls.

(a) The periodic assay of medicated feeds for drug components provides a measure of performance of the manufacturing process in manufacturing a uniform product of intended potency.

(b) The following assay requirements shall apply to medicated feeds:

(1) For feeds requiring a medicated feed mill license (Form FDA 3448) for their manufacture and marketing, at least three representative samples of medicated feed containing each drug or drug combination used in the establishment shall be collected and assayed by approved official methods, at periodic intervals during the calendar year, unless otherwise specified in this chapter. At least one of these assays shall be performed on the first batch using the drug. If a medicated feed contains a combination of drugs, only one of the drugs need be subject to analysis each time, provided the one tested is different from the one(s) previously tested.

(2) [Reserved]

(c) The originals or copies of all results of assays, including those from State feed control officials and any other governmental agency, shall be maintained on the premises for a period of not less than 1 year after distribution of the medicated feed. The results of assays performed by State feed control officials may be considered toward fulfillment of the periodic assay requirements of this section.

(d) Where the results of assays indicate that the medicated feed is not in accord with label specifications or is not within permissible assay limits as specified in this chapter, investigation and corrective action shall be implemented and an original or copy of the record of such action maintained on the premises.

(e) Corrective action shall include provisions for discontinuing distribution where the medicated feed fails to meet the labeled drug potency. Distribution of subsequent production of the particular feed shall not begin until it has been determined that proper control procedures have been established.

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