21 CFR § 225.65 - Equipment cleanout procedures.

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§ 225.65 Equipment cleanout procedures.

(a) Adequate cleanout procedures for all equipment used in the manufacture and distribution of medicated feeds are essential to maintain proper drug potency and avoid unsafe contamination of feeds with drugs. Such procedures may consist of cleaning by physical means, e.g., vacuuming, sweeping, washing, etc. Alternatively, flushing or sequencing or other equally effective techniques may be used whereby the equipment is cleaned either through use of a feed containing the same drug(s) or through use of drug free feedstuffs.

(b) All equipment, including that used for storage, processing, mixing, conveying, and distribution that comes in contact with the active drug component, feeds in process, or finished medicated feed shall be subject to all reasonable and effective procedures to prevent unsafe contamination of manufactured feed. The steps used to prevent unsafe contamination of feeds shall include one or more of the following, or other equally effective procedures:

(1) Such procedures shall, where appropriate, consist of physical means (vacuuming, sweeping, or washing), flushing, and/or sequential production of feeds.

(2) If flushing is utilized, the flush material shall be properly identified, stored, and used in a manner to prevent unsafe contamination of other feeds.

(3) If sequential production of medicated feeds is utilized, it shall be on a predetermined basis designed to prevent unsafe contamination of feeds with residual drugs.

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