21 CFR § 610.18 - Cultures.

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§ 610.18 Cultures.

(a) Storage and maintenance. Cultures used in the manufacture of products shall be stored in a secure and orderly manner, at a temperature and by a method that will retain the initial characteristics of the organisms and insure freedom from contamination and deterioration.

(b) Identity and verification. Each culture shall be clearly identified as to source strain. A complete identification of the strain shall be made for each new stock culture preparation. Primary and subsequent seed lots shall be identified by lot number and date of preparation. Periodic tests shall be performed as often as necessary to verify the integrity of the strain characteristics and freedom from extraneous organisms. Results of all periodic tests for verification of cultures and determination of freedom from extraneous organisms shall be recorded and retained.

(c) Cell lines used for manufacturing biological products -

(1) General requirements. Cell lines used for manufacturing biological products shall be:

(i) Identified by history;

(ii) Described with respect to cytogenetic characteristics and tumorigenicity;

(iii) Characterized with respect to in vitro growth characteristics and life potential; and

(iv) Tested for the presence of detectable microbial agents.

(2) Tests. Tests that are necessary to assure the safety, purity, and potency of a product may be required by the Director, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research or the Director, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.

(3) Applicability. This paragraph applies to diploid and nondiploid cell lines. Primary cell cultures that are not subcultivated and primary cell cultures that are subsequently subcultivated for only a very limited number of population doublings are not subject to the provisions of this paragraph (c).

(d) Records. The records appropriate for cultures under this section shall be prepared and maintained as required by the applicable provisions of §§ 211.188 and 211.194 of this chapter.

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