21 CFR 660.20 - Blood Grouping Reagent.

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§ 660.20 Blood Grouping Reagent.

(a)Proper name and definition. The proper name of this product shall be Blood Grouping Reagent and it shall consist of an antibody-containing fluid containing one or more of the blood grouping antibodies listed in § 660.28(a)(4).

(b)Source. The source of this product shall be blood, plasma, serum, or protein-rich fluids, such as those derived from stable immunoglobulin-secreting cell lines maintained either in tissue cultures or in secondary hosts.

[ 53 FR 12764, Apr. 19, 1988, as amended at 65 FR 77499, Dec. 12, 2000; 81 FR 38925, June 15, 2016]