21 CFR § 73.315 - Corn endosperm oil.

§ 73.315 Corn endosperm oil.

(a) Identity.

(1) The color additive corn endosperm oil is a reddish-brown liquid composed chiefly of glycerides, fatty acids, sitosterols, and carotenoid pigments obtained by isopropyl alcohol and hexane extraction from the gluten fraction of yellow corn grain. The definition of corn endosperm oil in this paragraph is for the purpose of definition as a color additive only and shall not be construed as a food standard of identity under section 401 of the act.

(2) Color additive mixtures for food use made with corn endosperm oil may contain only those diluents listed in this subpart as safe and suitable in color additive mixtures for coloring foods.

(b) Specifications. Corn endosperm oil conforms to the following specifications:

Total fatty acids, not less than 85 percent.
Iodine value, 118 to 134.
Saponification value, 165 to 185.
Unsaponifiable matter, not more than 14 percent.
Hexane, not more than 25 parts per million.
Isopropyl alcohol, not more than 100 parts per million.

(c) Uses and restrictions. The color additive corn endosperm oil may be safely used in chicken feed in accordance with the following prescribed conditions:

(1) The color additive is used to enhance the yellow color of chicken skin and eggs.

(2) The quantity of the color additive incorporated in the feed is such that the finished feed is supplemented sufficiently with xanthophyll and associated carotenoids so as to accomplish the intended effect described in paragraph (c)(1) of this section.

(d) Labeling requirements. The label of the color additive and any premixes prepared therefrom shall bear, in addition to the information required by § 70.25 of this chapter, a statement of the concentration of xanthophyll contained therein.

(e) Exemption from certification. Certification of this color additive is not necessary for the protection of the public health, and therefore batches thereof are exempt from the certification requirements of section 721(c) of the act.