22 CFR § 16.12 - Hearing.

§ 16.12 Hearing.

(a) Appearances and representation. The grievant, a reasonable number of representatives of the grievant's own choosing, and a reasonable number of agency representatives, are entitled to be present at the hearing. The Grievance Board may, after considering the views of the parties and any other individuals connected with the grievance, decide that a hearing should be open to others.

(b) Conduct of hearing.

(1) Testimony at a hearing shall be given by oath or affirmation which any Board member or person designated by the Board shall have authority to administer.

(2) Each party shall be entitled to examine and cross-examine witnesses at the hearing or by deposition, and to serve interrogatories answered by the other party unless the Board finds such interrogatory irrelevant or immaterial. Upon request of the Board, or upon a request of the grievant deemed relevant and material by the Board, and agency shall promptly make available at the hearing or by deposition any witness under its control, supervision or responsibility, except that if the Board determines that the presence of such witness at the hearing is required for just resolution of the grievance, then the witness shall be made available at the hearing, with necessary costs and travel expenses provided by the agency.

(3) During any hearings held by the Board, any oral or documentary evidence may be received but the Board shall exclude any irrelevant, immaterial, or unduly repetitious evidence normally excluded in hearings conducted under the Administrative Procedures Act (5 U.S.C. 556).

(4) A verbatim transcript shall be made of any hearing and shall be part of the record of proceedings.

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