22 CFR § 16.13 - Decisions.

§ 16.13 Decisions.

(a) Upon completion of the hearing or the compilation of such record as the Board may find appropriate in the absence of a hearing, the board shall expeditiously decide the grievance on the basis of the record of proceedings. In each case the decision of the Board shall be in writing, shall include findings of fact, and shall include the reasons for the Board's decision.

(b) If the Grievance Board finds that the grievance is meritorious, the Board shall have the authority within the limitations of the authority of the head of the agency, to direct the agency:

(1) To correct any official personnel record relating to the grievant which the Board finds to be inaccurate, erroneous, or falsely prejudicial;

(2) To reverse and administrative decision denying the grievant compensation including related within-class salary increases pursuant to section 625 of the Act or any other perquisite of employment authorized by law or regulation when the Board finds that such denial was arbitrary, capricious, or contrary to law or regulation;

(3) To retain in service and employee whose termination would be in consequence of the matter by which the employee is aggrieved;

(4) To reinstate with back pay, under applicable law and regulations, an employee where it is clearly established that the separation or suspension without pay of the employee was unjustified or unwarranted;

(5) To order an extension of the time of an employee's eligibility for promotion to a higher class where the employee suffered career impairment in consequence of the matter by which the employee is aggrieved;

(6) To order that an employee be provided with facilities relating to the physical working environment which the employee has been denied arbitrarily, capriciously or in violation of applicable regulation.

(c) Such orders of the Board shall be final, subject to judicial review as provided for in section 694 of the Act, except that reinstatement of former officers who have filed grievances under § 16.1(c)(7) shall be presented as Board recommendations, the decision on which shall be subject to the sole discretion of the agency head or designee, who shall take into account the needs of the Service in deciding on such recommendations, and shall not be subjected to judicial review under section 694 of the Act. The reason(s) for the agency head's (or designee's) decision will be conveyed in writing to the Board and the grievant.

(d) If the Board finds that the grievance is meritorious and that remedial action should be taken that directly relates to promotion or assignment of the grievant, or to other remedial action, including additional step increases, not provided for in paragraph (b) of this section, or if the Board finds that the evidence before it warrants disciplinary action against any officer or employee, it shall make an appropriate recommendation to the head of the agency, and forward to the head of the agency the record of the Board's proceedings, including the transcript of the hearing, if any. The head of the agency (or designee, who shall not have direct responsibility for administrative management) shall make a written decision to the parties and to the Board on the Board's recommendation within 30 days from receipt of the recommendation. A recommendation of the Board may be rejected in part or in whole if the action recommended would be contrary to law, would adversely affect the foreign policy or security of the United States, or would substantially impair the efficiency of the Service. If the decision rejects the Board's recommendation in part or in whole, the decision shall state specifically any and all reasons for such action. Pending the decision, there shall be no ex parte communications concerning the grievance between the agency head, or designee, and any person involved in the grievance proceeding.

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