22 CFR § 215.11 - Fees.

§ 215.11 Fees.

(a) The only fees to be charged to or collected from an individual under the provisions of this part are for copying records at the request of the individual.

(b) No fees shall be charged or collected for the following: Search for and retrieval of the records; review of the records; copying at the initiative of the Agency without a request from the individual; the first 100 pages; and first-class postage. However if special handling or other than first-class mail is requested or required, the costs shall be added to the basic fee.

(c) The copying fees prescribed in paragraph (a) of this section are:

Ten (10) cents per page. Twenty (20) cents per page of computer printout.

(d) Payment may be in the form of a check, bank draft on a bank in the United States, or postal money order payable to the Treasurer of the United States.

(e) A receipt for fees paid will be given only upon request.

(f) A copying fee totaling $15.00 or less shall be waived but the copying fees for contemporaneous requests by the same individual shall be aggregated to determine the total fee.

(g) A fee may be reduced or waived by the Privacy Liaison Officer.