22 CFR § 34.8 - Notice and demand for payment.

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§ 34.8 Notice and demand for payment.

(a) STATE shall promptly hand deliver, send by first class mail to the debtor's most current address in the records of STATE, or, in appropriate circumstances, send by electronic mail to the debtor's most current address in the records of STATE, at least one written notice. Written demand under this subpart may be preceded by other appropriate actions under this part and or the FCCS, including but not limited to actions taken under the procedures applicable to administrative offset, including salary offset.

(b) The written notice shall inform the debtor of:

(1) The basis of the debt;

(2) The amount of the debt;

(3) The date by which payment should be made to avoid the imposition of interest, penalties and administrative costs, and the enforced collection actions described in paragraph (b)(7) of this section;

(4) The applicable standards for imposing of interest, penalties and administrative costs to delinquent debts;

(5) STATE's readiness to discuss alternative payment arrangements and how the debtor may offer to enter into a written agreement to repay the debt under terms acceptable to STATE;

(6) The name, address and telephone number of a contact person or office within STATE;

(7) STATE's intention to enforce collection by taking one or more of the following actions if the debtor fails to pay or otherwise resolve the debt:

(i) Offset from Federal payments otherwise due to the debtor, including income tax refunds, salary, certain benefit payments, retirement, vendor payments, travel reimbursement and advances, and other Federal payments due from STATE, other Federal agencies, or through centralized disbursing from the Department of the Treasury;

(ii) Referral to private collection agency

(iii) Report to credit bureaus

(iv) Administrative Wage Garnishment

(v) Litigation by the Department of Justice

(vi) Referral to the Financial Management Service of the Department of the Treasury for collection

(vii) Liquidation of collateral

(viii) Other actions as permitted by the FCCS and applicable law;

(8) The debtor's right to inspect and copy records related to the debt;

(9) The debtor's right to an internal review of STATE's determination that the debtor owes a debt or the amount of the debt;

(10) The debtor's right, if any, to request waiver of collection of certain debts, as applicable (see § 34.18);

(11) Requirement that the debtor advise STATE of any bankruptcy proceeding of the debtor; and

(12) Provision for refund of amounts collected if later decision finds that the amount of the debt is not owed or is waived.

(c) Exceptions to notice requirements. STATE may omit from a notice to a debtor one or more of the provisions contained in paragraphs (b)(7) through (b)(12) of this section if STATE determines that any provision is not legally required given the collection remedies to be applied to a particular debt, or which have already been provided by prior notice, applicable agreement, or contract.

[71 FR 16482, Apr. 3, 2006, as amended at 79 FR 35283, June 20, 2014]

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