22 CFR § 34.9 - Requests for internal administrative review.

§ 34.9 Requests for internal administrative review.

(a) For all collection methods for debts owed to STATE, the debtor may request a review within State of the existence or the amount of the debt. For offset of current Federal salary under 5 U.S.C. 5514 for certain debts, debtors may also request an outside hearing. See subpart C of this part. This subpart rather than subpart C applies to collections by salary offset for debts arising under 5 U.S.C. 5705 (travel advances), 5 U.S.C. 4108 (training expenses), and other statutes specifically providing for collection by salary offset.

(b) A debtor requesting an internal review shall do so in writing to the contact office by the payment due date stated within the initial notice sent under 34.8(b) or other applicable provision. The debtor's written request shall state the basis for the dispute and include any relevant documentation in support.

(1) STATE will provide for an internal review of the debt by an appropriate official. The review may include examination of documents, internal discussions with relevant officials and discussion by letter or orally with the debtor, at STATE's discretion. An oral hearing may be provided when the matter cannot be decided on the documentary record because it involves issues of credibility or veracity. Unless otherwise required by law, such oral hearing shall not be a formal evidentiary hearing. If an oral hearing is appropriate, the time and location of the hearing shall be established by STATE. An oral hearing may be conducted, at the debtor's option, either in-person or by telephone conference. All travel expenses incurred by the debtor in connection with an in-person hearing will be borne by the debtor. All telephonic charges incurred during the hearing will be the responsibility of STATE. During the period of review, STATE may suspend collection activity, including the accrual of interest and penalties, on any disputed portion of the debt if STATE determines that suspension is in the Department's best interest or would serve equity and good conscience.

(2) If after review STATE either sustains or amends its determination, it shall notify the debtor of its intent to collect the sustained or amended debt. If previously suspended, collection actions will be re-instituted unless payment of the sustained or amended amount is received or the debtor has made a proposal for a payment plan to which STATE agrees, by the date specified in the notification of STATE's decision.

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