22 CFR § 505.5 - Disclosure of information.

§ 505.5 Disclosure of information.

(a) In order to locate the system of records that you believe may contain information about you, you should first obtain a copy of the Agency's Notice of Systems of Records. By identifying a particular record system and by furnishing all the identifying information requested by that record system, it would enable us to more easily locate those records which pertain to you. At a minimum, any request should include the information specified in Sec. 505.4(b).

(b) In certain circumstances, it may be necessary for us to request additional information from you to ensure that the retrieved record does, in fact, pertain to you.

(c) All requests for information on whether or not the Agency's systems of records contain information about you will be acknowledged within 20 working days of receipt of that request. The requested records will be provided as soon as possible thereafter.

(d) If the Agency determines that the substance of the requested record is exceptionally sensitive, we will require you to furnish a signed, notarized statement that you are in fact the person named in the file before granting access to the records.

(e) Original records will not be furnished subject to and in accordance with fees established in § 505.11.

(f) Denial of access to records:

(1) The requirements of this section do not entitle you access to any information compiled in reasonable anticipation of a civil action or proceeding.

(2) Under the Privacy Act, we are not required to permit access to records if the information is not retrievable by your name or other personal identifier; those requests will be processed as Freedom of Information Act requests.

(3) We may deny you access to a record, or portion thereof, if following a review it is determined that the record or portion falls within a system of records that is exempt from disclosure according to 5 U.S.C. 552a(j) and 552a(k). See §§ 505.13 and 505.14 for a listing of general and specific exemptions.

(4) The decision to deny access to a record or a portion of the record is made by the Agency's Privacy Act Officer. The denial letter will advise you of your right to appeal the denial (See § 505.9 on Access Appeal Committee's review).