22 CFR § 713.7 - What will DFC do with my request?

§ 713.7 What will DFC do with my request?

(a) Factors DFC will consider. DFC may consider various factors in reviewing a request for nonpublic records or testimony of DFC employees, including:

(1) Whether disclosure would assist or hinder DFC in performing its statutory duties or use DFC resources unreasonably, including whether responding to the request will interfere with DFC employees' ability to do their work.

(2) Whether disclosure is necessary to prevent the perpetration of a fraud or other injustice in the matter.

(3) Whether you can get the records or testimony you want from sources other than DFC.

(4) Whether the request is unduly burdensome.

(5) Whether disclosure would violate a statute, executive order, or regulation, such as the Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. 552a.

(6) Whether disclosure would reveal confidential, sensitive or privileged information, trade secrets or similar, confidential commercial or financial information, or would otherwise be inappropriate for release and, if so, whether a confidentiality agreement or protective order as provided in § 713.9(a) can adequately limit the disclosure.

(7) Whether the disclosure would interfere with law enforcement proceedings, compromise constitutional rights, or hamper DFC programs or other DFC operations.

(8) Whether the disclosure could result in DFC's appearing to favor one litigant over another.

(9) Any other factors DFC determines to be relevant to the interests of DFC.

(b) Review of your request. DFC will process your request in the order it is received. DFC will try to respond to your request within 45 days, but this may vary, depending on the scope of your request.

(c) Final determination. the Vice-President/General Counsel makes the final determination on requests for nonpublic records or DFC employee testimony. All final determinations are in the sole discretion of the Vice-President/General Counsel. The Vice-President/General Counsel will notify you and the court or other authority of the final determination of your request. In considering your request, the Vice-President/General Counsel may contact you to inform you of the requirements of this part, ask that the request or subpoena be modified or withdrawn, or may try to resolve the request or subpoena informally without issuing a final determination.