22 CFR § 9a.4 - Classification.

§ 9a.4 Classification.

(a) Section 1 of E.O. 11932, August 4, 1976 directs that information and material obtained pursuant to the International Energy Program and which requires protection against unauthorized disclosure in the interest of the national defense or foreign relations of the United States shall be classified pursuant to Executive Order 11652.

(b) Information and material, including transcripts, records, and communications, in the possession of the United States Government which has been obtained pursuant to (1) section 252(c)(3), (d)(2) or (e)(3) of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act (89 Stat. 871, 42 U.S.C. 6272(c)(3), (d)(2), (e)(3)), or (2) The Voluntary Agreement and Program Relating to the International Energy Program (40 FR 16041, April 8, 1975), or (3) the Voluntary Agreement and Plan of Action to Implement the International Energy Program (41 FR 13998, April 1, 1976), or (4) Any similar Voluntary Agreement and Program entered into under the Energy Policy and Conservation Act shall be reviewed by an officer of the Department of State with classifying authority for the purpose of determining whether such information or material should be classified pursuant to E.O. 11652. If the officer determines that the information or material warrants classification, he shall assign it the appropriate classification. Such information or material may be exempted from the General Declassification Schedule established by section 5 of Executive Order No. 11652 if it was obtained by the United States on the understanding that it be kept in confidence, or if it might otherwise be exempted under section 5(B) of such Order.

(c) In classifying such information or material, officers of the Department of State shall follow the standards in E.O. 11652 and the provisions of 22 CFR 9.5 through 9.8.