23 CFR § 1200.4 - State Highway Safety Agency - Authority and functions.

§ 1200.4 State Highway Safety Agency - Authority and functions.

(a) Policy. In order for a State to receive grant funds under this part, the Governor shall exercise responsibility for the highway safety program through a State Highway Safety Agency that has adequate powers and is suitably equipped and organized to carry out the State's highway safety program.

(b) Authority. Each State Highway Safety Agency shall be authorized to -

(1) Develop and execute the Highway Safety Plan and highway safety program in the State;

(2) Obtain information about programs to improve highway safety and projects administered by other State and local agencies;

(3) Maintain or have ready access to information contained in State highway safety data systems, including crash, citation, adjudication, emergency medical services/injury surveillance, roadway and vehicle record keeping systems, and driver license data;

(4) Periodically review and comment to the Governor on the effectiveness of programs to improve highway safety in the State from all funding sources that the State plans to use for such purposes;

(5) Provide financial and technical assistance to other State agencies and political subdivisions to develop and carry out highway safety strategies and projects; and

(6) Establish and maintain adequate staffing to effectively plan, manage, and provide oversight of highway safety projects approved in the Highway Safety Plan.

(c) Functions. Each State Highway Safety Agency shall -

(1) Develop and prepare the Highway Safety Plan based on evaluation of highway safety data, including crash fatalities and injuries, roadway, driver and other data sources to identify safety problems within the State;

(2) Establish highway safety projects to be funded within the State under 23 U.S.C. Chapter 4 based on identified safety problems and priorities;

(3) Provide direction, information and assistance to sub-grantees concerning highway safety grants, procedures for participation, and development of projects;

(4) Encourage and assist sub-grantees to improve their highway safety planning and administration efforts;

(5) Review and approve, and evaluate the implementation and effectiveness of State and local highway safety programs and projects from all funding sources that the State plans to use under the HSP, and approve and monitor the expenditure of grant funds awarded under 23 U.S.C. Chapter 4;

(6) Assess program performance through analysis of highway safety data and data-driven performance measures;

(7) Ensure that the State highway safety program meets the requirements of 23 U.S.C. Chapter 4 and applicable Federal and State laws, including but not limited to the standards for financial management systems required under 49 CFR 18.20;

(8) Ensure that all legally required audits of the financial operations of the State Highway Safety Agency and of the use of highway safety grant funds are conducted;

(9) Track and maintain current knowledge of changes in State statute or regulation that could affect State qualification for highway safety grants or fund transfer programs; and

(10) Coordinate the Highway Safety Plan and highway safety data collection and information systems activities with other federally and non-federally supported programs relating to or affecting highway safety, including the State strategic highway safety plan as defined in 23 U.S.C. 148(a).