23 CFR § 635.116 - Subcontracting and contractor responsibilities.

§ 635.116 Subcontracting and contractor responsibilities.

(a) Contracts for projects shall specify the minimum percentage of work that a contractor must perform with its own organization. This percentage shall be not less than 30 percent of the total original contract price excluding any identified specialty items. Specialty items may be performed by subcontract and the amount of any such specialty items so performed may be deducted from the total original contract before computing the amount of work required to be performed by the contractor's own organization. The contract amount upon which the above requirement is computed includes the cost of materials and manufactured products which are to be purchased or produced by the contractor under the contract provisions.

(b) The State DOT shall not permit any of the contract work to be performed under a subcontract, unless such arrangement has been authorized by the State DOT in writing. Prior to authorizing a subcontract, the State DOT shall assure that each subcontract is evidenced in writing and that it contains all pertinent provisions and requirements of the prime contract. The Division Administrator may permit the State DOT to satisfy the subcontract assurance requirements by concurrence in a State DOT process which requires the contractor to certify that each subcontract arrangement will be in the form of a written agreement containing all the requirements and pertinent provisions of the prime contract. Prior to the Division Administrator's concurrence, the State DOT must demonstrate that it has an acceptable plan for monitoring such certifications.

(c) To assure that all work (including subcontract work) is performed in accordance with the contract requirements, the contractor shall be required to furnish:

(1) A competent superintendent or supervisor who is employed by the firm, has full authority to direct performance of the work in accordance with the contract requirements, and is in charge of all construction operations (regardless of who performs the work), and;

(2) Such other of its own organizational resources (supervision, management, and engineering services) as the State DOT contracting officer determines are necessary to assure the performance of the contract.

(d) In the case of a design-build project, the following requirements apply:

(1) The provisions of paragraph (a) of this section are not applicable to design-build contracts;

(2) At their discretion, the State DOT's may establish a minimum percentage of work that must be done by the design-builder. For the purpose of this section, the term design-builder may include any firms that are equity participants in the design-builder, their sister and parent companies, and their wholly owned subsidiaries;

(3) No procedure, requirement or preference shall be imposed which prescribes minimum subcontracting requirements or goals (other than those necessary to meet the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program requirements of 49 CFR part 26).

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