24 CFR § 125.104 - Program administration.

§ 125.104 Program administration.

(a) FHIP is administered by the Assistant Secretary.

(b) FHIP funding is made available under the following initiatives:

(1) The Administrative Enforcement Initiative;

(2) The Education and Outreach Initiative;

(3) The Private Enforcement Initiative; and

(4) The Fair Housing Organizations Initiative.

(c) FHIP funding is made available in accordance with the requirements of the authorizing statute (42 U.S.C. 3616 note), the regulation in this part, and Notices of Funding Availability (NOFAs), and is awarded through a grant or other funding instrument.

(d) Notices of Funding Availability under this program will be published periodically in the Federal Register. Such notices will announce amounts available for award, eligible applicants, and eligible activities, and may limit funding to one or more of the Initiatives. Notices of Funding Availability will include the specific selection criteria for awards, and will indicate the relative weight of each criterion. The selection criteria announced in Notices of Funding Availability will be designed to permit the Department to target and respond to areas of concern, and to promote the purposes of the FHIP in an equitable and cost efficient manner.

(e) All recipients of FHIP funds must conform to reporting and record maintenance requirements determined appropriate by the Assistant Secretary. Each funding instrument will include provisions under which the Department may suspend, terminate or recapture funds if the recipient does not conform to these requirements.

(f) Recipients of FHIP funds may not use such funds for the payment of expenses in connection with litigation against the United States.

(g) All recipients of funds under this program must conduct audits in accordance with 2 CFR part 200, subpart F.

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