24 CFR § 17.47 - Settlement of claims.

§ 17.47 Settlement of claims.

(a) The General Counsel, HUD, is authorized to settle (consider, ascertain, adjust, determine, and dispose of, whether by full or partial allowance or disallowance) any claim under this subpart.

(b) The General Counsel may formulate such procedures and make such redelegations as may be required to fulfill the objectives of this subpart.

(c) The General Counsel shall conduct such investigation as may be appropriate in order to determine the validity of a claim.

(d) The General Counsel shall notify a claimant in writing of action taken on his claim, and if partial or full disallowance is made, the reasons therefor.

(e) In the event a claim submitted against a carrier under § 17.46 has not been settled before settlement of the claim against the Government pursuant to this subpart, the General Counsel shall notify such carrier or insurer to pay the proceeds of the claim to HUD to the extent HUD has paid such to claimant in settlement.