24 CFR § 200.1510 - Probation.

§ 200.1510 Probation.

(a) In general. Only the MAP Lender Review Board (or Board) may place a lender on probation, in accordance with the procedures of § 200.1535.

(b) Effect of probation.

(1) Probation is intended to be corrective in nature and not punitive. As a result, release from probation is conditioned upon the lender meeting a specific requirement or requirements, such as replacement of a staff member. A lender's failure to take prompt corrective action after being placed on probation may be the basis for a recommendation of either suspension or termination. Any such recommendation shall, when possible, go to a MAP Lender Review Board composed of the same members who issued the original probation.

(2) During the probation period, a MAP lender:

(i) Shall be removed from the MAP-Approved Lender list posted on HUD's website;

(ii) May not submit, and HUD may not accept, materials after the close of business of the date of the probation letter for a new application under MAP for multifamily mortgage insurance from HUD; and

(iii) May continue to process any existing application for multifamily mortgage insurance submitted to a Multifamily Hub or Program Center before the date of the probation letter.

(3) The MAP Lender Review Board may impose a higher level of review of the lender's underwriting by HUD;

(4) Probation is nationwide in effect.

(c) Duration of probation.

(1) Probation continues until all specific corrective actions required by the MAP Lender Review Board (for example, exclusion of a specific staff member from work on MAP loans) are taken by the MAP lender. When all corrective actions have been taken, the MAP lender shall notify the Board. Once the Board is satisfied that the corrective actions have occurred, the probation period shall end.

(2) A false statement that corrective action has been taken constitutes a false certification and may constitute a violation of 18 US.C. 1001.

(3) When probation is lifted, the lender's name shall be promptly reinstated on the MAP-Approved Lender list posted on HUD's Web site.