24 CFR § 203.370 - Pre-foreclosure sales.

§ 203.370 Pre-foreclosure sales.

(a) General. HUD will pay FHA insurance benefits to mortgagees in cases where, in accordance with all regulations and procedures applicable to pre-foreclosure sales, the mortgaged property is sold by the mortgagor, after default and prior to foreclosure, at its current fair market value (less adjustments as the Commissioner may deem appropriate) but for less than the mortgage loan amount currently outstanding.

(b) Notification of mortgagor. The mortgagee shall give notice, according to prescribed procedures, of the opportunity to be considered for the pre-foreclosure sale procedure to each mortgagor in default. All notices to mortgagors must be in an accessible format, if requested, or if required by the person's known disability, as required by 24 CFR part 9.

(c) Eligibility for the Pre-foreclosure Sale Procedure. In order to be considered for the pre-foreclosure sale procedure, a mortgagor:

(1) Must be an owner occupant in a single family residence that is security for a mortgage insured under this part, unless otherwise prescribed by the Secretary.

(2) Must have an account in default, for such period as determined by the Secretary, which default is the result of an adverse and unavoidable financial situation.

(3) Must have, at the time application is made to pursue a pre-foreclosure sale, a mortgaged property whose current fair market value, compared to the amount needed to discharge the mortgage, meets the criterion established by the Secretary, unless a variance is granted by the Secretary.

(4) Must have received an appropriate disclosure, as prescribed by the Secretary.

[59 FR 50144, Sept. 30, 1994, as amended at 61 FR 35018, July 3, 1996; 72 FR 56161, Oct. 2, 2007]

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