24 CFR § 221.763 - Special insurance benefits - forbearance relief cases.

§ 221.763 Special insurance benefits - forbearance relief cases.

(a) In the case of a mortgage that provides for payment of interest at the market rate prescribed in § 221.518(a), if the mortgagor fails to meet the requirements of a forbearance agreement or to cure the default under the mortgage at the expiration of the forbearance agreement, the mortgagee shall be entitled to obtain a special insurance payment in cash, in lieu of the insurance benefits otherwise provided under this subpart. To receive the special insurance payment, the mortgagee shall assign the mortgage to the Commissioner in compliance with the requirements of § 207.258(b) of this chapter.

(b) The special insurance benefit to the mortgagee shall be a cash payment computed in accordance with § 207.259(b) of this chapter, except that in lieu of the allowance for debenture interest in § 207.259(b)(1)(iii) of this chapter, the payment shall include the amount of the unpaid accrued mortgage interest computed to the date the assignment of the mortgage to the Commissioner is filed for record. In addition, there shall be included in the cash payment an amount equivalent to the debenture interest which would have been earned from the date the mortgage assignment was filed for record to the date the payment is made; except that when the mortgagee fails to meet any of the applicable requirements of § 207.258(b) of this chapter and § 221.761(c) within the specified times and in a manner satisfactory to the Commissioner (or within such further time as the Commissioner may approve in writing), such debenture interest allowance shall be computed only to the date on which the particular required action should have been taken.

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