24 CFR § 266.115 - Program monitoring and evaluation.

§ 266.115 Program monitoring and evaluation.

(a) HFA certifications. HUD will rely heavily on the certifications required of an HFA under this part and such additional certifications as the Commissioner may require in administrative procedures. An HFA's continued participation in the program is predicated upon compliance with these certifications and its recommending for endorsement only those mortgages that comply with requirements of the program, including the HFA's origination, underwriting and closing procedures incorporated by reference into the Risk-Sharing Agreement.

(b) Monitoring and evaluation. Monitoring and evaluation activities will focus on compliance with program requirements and performance of the HFA in meeting program objectives of providing affordable housing. They will enable HUD to evaluate the effectiveness of the program as required by section 542(d)(3) of the Act.

(c) Responsibility for monitoring and evaluation. The Commissioner or designee will be responsible for overall program monitoring and evaluation.

(d) HFA submissions.

(1) For each loan insured under this part, basic underwriting and closing information must be submitted in a format specified by HUD and must accompany the closing docket submitted in accordance with § 266.420(b). Information relative to project management and servicing (including disposition) will be required after endorsement.

(2) The HFA must submit semi-annual reports setting forth the original mortgage amounts and outstanding principal balances on mortgages the HFA has underwritten, and the status of all projects insured under this part (e.g., current, in default, acquired, under workout agreement, in bankruptcy). For projects where the mortgagor has declared bankruptcy, the HFA must submit information containing the date the bankruptcy was filed and the date the HFA requested the Court to dismiss the bankruptcy proceedings.

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