24 CFR § 3282.11 - Preemption and reciprocity.

§ 3282.11 Preemption and reciprocity.

(a) No State manufactured home standard regarding manufactured home construction and safety which covers aspects of the manufactured home governed by the Federal standards shall be established or continue in effect with respect to manufactured homes subject to the Federal standards and these regulations unless it is identical to the Federal standards.

(b) No State may require, as a condition of entry into or sale in the State, a manufactured home certified (by the application of the label required by § 3282.362(c)(2)(i)) as in conformance with the Federal standards to be subject to State inspection to determine compliance with any standard covering any aspect of the manufactured home covered by the Federal standards. Nor may any State require that a State label be placed on the manufactured home certifying conformance to the Federal standard or an identical standard. Certain actions that States are permitted to take are set out in § 3282.303.

(c) States may participate in the enforcement of the Federal standards enforcement program under these regulations either as SAAs or PIAs or both. These regulations establish the exclusive system for enforcement of the Federal standards. No State may establish or keep in effect through a building code enforcement system or otherwise, procedures or requirements which constitute systems for enforcement of the Federal standards or of identical State standards which are outside the system established in these regulations or which go beyond this system to require remedial actions which are not required by the Act and these regulations. A State may establish or continue in force consumer protections, such as warranty or warranty performance requirements, which respond to individual consumer complaints and so do not constitute systems of enforcement of the Federal standards, regardless of whether the State qualifies as an SAA or PIA.

(d) No State or locality may establish or enforce any rule or regulation or take any action that stands as an obstacle to the accomplishment and execution of the full purposes and objectives of Congress. The test of whether a State rule or action is valid or must give way is whether the State rule can be enforced or the action taken without impairing the Federal superintendence of the manufactured home industry as established by the Act.

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