24 CFR § 3282.303 - State plan—suggested provisions.

§ 3282.303 State plan—suggested provisions.

The following are not required to be included in the State plan, but they are urged as necessary to provide full consumer protection and assurances of manufactured home safety:

(a) Provision for monitoring of retailers' lots within the State for transit damage, seal tampering, and retailer performance generally,

(b) Provision of approvals of all alterations made to certified manufactured homes by retailer in the State. Under this program, the State would assure that alterations did not result in the failure of the manufactured home to comply with the standards.

(c) Provision for monitoring of the installation of manufactured homes set up in the State to assure that the homes are properly installed and, where necessary, tied down,

(d) Provision for inspection of used manufactured homes and requirements under State authority that used manufactured homes meet a minimal level of safety and durability at the time of sale, and,

(e) Provision for regulation of manufactured home transportation over the road to the extent that such regulation is not preempted by Federal authority.