24 CFR § 3282.205 - Certification requirements.

§ 3282.205 Certification requirements.

(a) Every manufacturer shall make a record of the serial number of each manufactured home produced, and a duly authorized representative of the manufacturer shall certify that each manufactured home has been constructed in accordance with the Federal standards. The manufacturer shall furnish a copy of that certification to the IPIA for the purpose of determining which manufactured homes are subject to the notification and correction requirements of subpart I of this part.

(b) Every manufacturer of manufactured homes shall certify on the data plate as set out in § 3280.5 of chapter XX of 24 CFR and § 3282.362(c)(3) that the manufactured home is designed to comply with the Federal manufactured home construction and safety standards in force at the time of manufacture in addition to providing other information required to be completed on the data plate.

(c) Every manufacturer of manufactured homes shall furnish to the retailer or distributor of each of its manufactured homes a certification that such manufactured home, to the best of the manufacturer's knowledge and belief, conforms to all applicable Federal construction and safety standards. This certification shall be in the form of the label provided by the IPIA under § 3282.362(c)(2). The label shall be affixed only at the end of the last stage of production of the manufactured home.

(d) The manufacturer shall apply a label required or allowed by the regulations in this part only to a manufactured home that the manufacturer knows by its inspections to be in compliance with the standards.

[41 FR 19852, May 13, 1976, as amended at 41 FR 24970, June 21, 1976; 61 FR 10860, Mar. 15, 1996]

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