24 CFR § 3282.302 - State plan.

§ 3282.302 State plan.

A State wishing to qualify and act as an SAA under this subpart shall make a State Plan Application under this section. The State Plan Application shall be made to the Administrator, Office of Manufactured Housing Programs, Office of Housing, Department of Housing and Urban Development, 451 7th Street SW., Washington, DC 20410, and shall include:

(a) An original and one copy of a cover sheet which shall show the following:

(1) The name and address of the State agency designated as the sole agency responsible for administering the plan throughout the State,

(2) The name of the administrator in charge of the agency,

(3) The name, title, address, and phone number of the person responsible for handling consumer complaints concerning standards related problems in manufactured homes under subpart I of this part,

(4) A list of personnel who will carry out the State plan,

(5) The number of manufactured home manufacturing plants presently operating in the State,

(6) The estimated total number of manufactured homes manufactured in the State per year,

(7) The estimated total number of manufactured homes set up in the State per year, and

(8) A certification signed by the administrator in charge of the designated State agency stating that, if it is approved by the Secretary, the State plan will be carried out in full, and that the regulations issued under the Act shall be followed,

(b) An original and one copy of appropriate materials which:

(1) Demonstrate how the designated State agency shall ensure effective handling of consumer complaints and other information referred to it that relate to noncompliances, defects, serious defects or imminent safety hazards as set out in subpart I of this part, including the holding of Formal and Informal Presentations of Views and the fulfilling of all other responsibilities of SAAs as set out in this subpart G,

(2) Provide that personnel of the designated agency shall, under State law or as agents of HUD, have the right at any reasonable time to enter and inspect all factories, warehouses, or establishments in the State in which manufactured homes are manufactured,

(3) Provide for the imposition under State authority of civil and criminal penalties which are identical to those set out in section 611 of the Act, 42 U.S.C. 5410 except that civil penalties shall be payable to the State rather than to the United States,

(4) Provide for the notification and correction procedures under subpart I of this part where the SAA is to act under that subpart by providing the required approval by the SAA of the plan for notification and correction described in §§ 3282.408, 3282.409, and 3282.410, including approval of the number of units that may be affected and the proposed repairs, and by providing for approval of corrective actions where appropriate under subpart I,

(5) Provide for oversight by the SAA of:

(i) Remedial actions carried out by manufacturers for which the SAA approved the plan for notification and correction or for which the SAA has waived formal notification under subpart I.

(ii) A manufacturer's handling of consumer complaints and other information under subpart I as to plants located in the State.

(6) Provide for the setting of monitoring inspection fees in accordance with guidelines established by the Secretary and provide for participation in the fee distribution system set out in § 3282.307.

(7) Contain satisfactory assurances in whatever form is appropriate under State law that the designated agency has or will have the legal authority necessary to carry out the State plan as submitted for full or conditional approval,

(8) Contain satisfactory assurances that the designated agency has or will have, in its own staff or provided by other agencies of the state or otherwise, the personnel, qualified by education or experience necessary to carry out the State plan,

(9) Include the resumes of administrative personnel in policy making positions and of all inspectors and engineers to be utilized by the designated agency in carrying out the State plan,

(10) Include a certification that none of the personnel who may be involved in carrying out the State plan in any way are subject to any conflict of interest of the type discussed in § 3282.359 or otherwise, except that members of councils, committees, or similar bodies providing advice to the designated agency are not subject to the requirement,

(11) Include an estimate of the cost to the State of carrying out all activities called for in the State plan, under this section and § 3282.303, which estimate shall be broken down by particular function and indicate the correlation between the estimate and the number of manufactured homes manufactured in the State and the number of manufactured homes imported into the State, and the relationship of these factors to any fees currently charged and any fees charged during the preceding two calendar years. A description of all current and past State activities with respect to manufactured homes shall be included with this estimate.

(12) Give satisfactory assurances that the State shall devote adequate funds to carrying out its State plan,

(13) Indicate that State Law requires manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in the State to make reports pursuant to section 614 of the Act 42 U.S.C. 5413 and this chapter of these regulations in the same manner and to the same extent as if the State plan were not in effect,

(14) Provide that the designated agency shall make reports to the Secretary as required by subpart L of this part in such form and containing such information as the Secretary shall from time to time require,

(c) A state plan may be granted conditional approval if all of the requirements of § 3282.302 (a) and (b) are met except paragraphs (b)(2), (b)(3), (b)(6) or (b)(13). When conditional approval is given, the state shall not be considered approved under section 623 of the Act, 42 U.S.C. 5422, but it will participate in all phases of the program as called for in its State plan. Conditional approval shall last for a maximum of five years, by which time all requirements shall be met for full approval, or conditional approval shall lapse. However, the Secretary may for good cause grant an extension of conditional approval upon petition by the SAA.

(d) If a State wishes to discontinue participation in the Federal enforcement program as an SAA, it shall provide the Secretary with a minimum of 90 days notice.

(e) Exclusive IPIA status.

(1) A State that wishes to act as an exclusive IPIA under § 3282.352 shall so indicate in its State Plan and shall include in the information provided under paragraph (b)(11) of this section the fee schedule for the State's activities as an IPIA and the relationship between the proposed fees and the other information provided under paragraph (b)(11) of this section. If the Secretary determines that the fees to be charged by a State acting as an IPIA are unreasonable, the Secretary shall not grant the State status as an exclusive IPIA.

(2) The State shall also demonstrate in its State Plan that it has the present capability to act as an IPIA for all plants operating in the State.

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