24 CFR § 3285.1 - Administration.

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§ 3285.1 Administration.

(a) Scope. These Model Installation Standards provide minimum requirements for the initial installation of new manufactured homes, in accordance with section 605 of the Act (42 U.S.C. 5404). The Model Installation Standards are one component of the Manufactured Home Installation Program in Part 3286 of this chapter, upon effect, and serve as the basis for developing the manufacturers' installation instructions required by § 3285.2 of this subpart. The manufacturer's installation instructions, including specific methods for performing a specific operation or assembly, will be deemed to comply with these Model Installation Standards, provided they meet or exceed the minimum requirements of these Model Installation Standards and do not take the home out of compliance with the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (24 CFR part 3280). Work necessary to join all sections of a multi-section home specifically identified in Subparts G, H, and I of this part, or work associated with connecting exterior lights, chain-hung light fixtures, or ceiling-suspended fans, as specifically identified in Subpart I, is not considered assembly or construction of the home, although the design of those elements of a manufactured home must comply with the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (MHCSS). However, work associated with the completion of hinged roofs and eaves in § 3285.801 and other work done on-site and not specifically identified in this part as close-up is considered construction and assembly and is subject to the requirements of the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (24 CFR part 3280) and the Manufactured Home Procedural and Enforcement Regulations (24 CFR part 3282).

(1) States that choose to operate an installation program for manufactured homes in lieu of the federal program must implement installation standards that provide protection to its residents that equals or exceeds the protection provided by these Model Installation Standards.

(2) In states that do not choose to operate their own installation program for manufactured homes, these Model Installation Standards serve as the minimum standards for manufactured home installations.

(b) Applicability. The standards set forth herein have been established to accomplish certain basic objectives and are not to be construed as relieving manufacturers, retailers, installers, or other parties of responsibility for compliance with other applicable ordinances, codes, regulations, and laws. The manufactured homes covered by this standard must comply with requirements of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) MHCSS Program, as set forth in 24 CFR part 3280, Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, and 24 CFR part 3282, Manufactured Home Procedural and Enforcement Regulations, as well as with, upon effect, the Manufactured Home Installation Program, 24 CFR part 3286, and the Dispute Resolution Program, 24 CFR part 3288. The requirements of this part do not apply to homes installed on site-built permanent foundations when the manufacturer certifies the home in accordance with § 3282.12 of this chapter.

(c) Consultation with the Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee. The Secretary will seek input from the Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee (MHCC) when revising the installation standards in this part 3285. Before publication of a proposed rule to revise the installation standards, the Secretary will provide the MHCC with a 120-day opportunity to comment on such revision. The MHCC may send to the Secretary any of the MHCC's own recommendations to adopt new installation standards or to modify or repeal any of the installation standards in this part. Along with each recommendation, the MHCC must set forth pertinent data and arguments in support of the action sought. The Secretary will either:

(1) Accept or modify the recommendation and publish it for public comment in accordance with section 553 of the Administrative Procedure Act (5 U.S.C. 553), along with an explanation of the reasons for any such modification; or

(2) Reject the recommendation entirely, and provide to the MHCC a written explanation of the reasons for the rejection.

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