24 CFR § 3285.2 - Manufacturer installation instructions.

(a) Instructions required. A manufacturer must provide with each new manufactured home, installation designs and instructions that have been approved by the Secretary or DAPIA. The approved installation instructions must include all topics covered in the Model Installation Standards for the installation of manufactured homes. These installation instructions and any variations thereto that are prepared to comply with paragraph (c) of this section must provide protection to residents of the manufactured homes that equals or exceeds the protection provided by these Model Installation Standards and must not take the manufactured home out of compliance with the MHCSS. These instructions must insure that each home will be supported and anchored in a manner that is capable of meeting or exceeding the design loads required by the MHCSS.

(b) Professional engineer or registered architect certification. A professional engineer or registered architect must prepare and certify that the manufacturer's installation instructions meet or exceed the Model Installation Standards for foundation support and anchoring whenever:

(1) The manufacturer's installation instructions do not conform in their entirety to the minimum requirements or tables or their conditions for foundation support and anchoring of this Standard; or

(2) An alternative foundation system or anchoring system is employed, including designs for basements and perimeter support foundation systems, whether or not it is included in the installation instructions; or

(3) Materials such as metal piers or alternatives to concrete footing materials are required by the installation instructions; or

(4) Foundation support and anchoring systems are designed for use in areas subject to freezing or for use in areas subject to flood damage or high seismic risk; or

(5) Foundations support and anchoring systems are designed to be used in special snow load conditions or in severe wind design areas; or

(6) Site conditions do not allow the use of the manufacturer's installation instructions; or

(7) There are any other circumstances in which the manufacturer's installation instructions would not permit the home to be installed in conformance with the Installation Standards or the MHCSS.

(c) Variations to installation instructions.

(1) Before an installer provides support or anchorage that are different than those methods specified in the manufacturer's installation instructions, or when the installer encounters site or other conditions (such as areas that are subject to flood damage or high seismic risk) that prevent the use of the instructions, the installer must:

(i) First attempt to obtain DAPIA-approved designs and instructions prepared by the manufacturer; or

(ii) If designs and instructions are not available from the manufacturer, obtain an alternate design prepared and certified by a registered professional engineer or registered architect for the support and anchorage of the manufactured home that is consistent with the manufactured home design, conforms to the requirements of the MHCSS, and has been approved by the manufacturer and the DAPIA.

(2) The manufacturer's installation instructions must include an explanation of the requirement in paragraph (c)(1) of this section.

(d) Installer certification. In making the certification of the installation required under part 3286 of this chapter, upon effect, an installer must certify that it completed the installation in compliance with either the manufacturer's instructions or with an alternate installation design and instructions that have been prepared by the manufacturer or prepared in compliance with paragraph (c) of this section.

(e) Temporary storage. The installation instructions must provide at least one method for temporarily supporting each transportable section of a manufactured home, to prevent structural and other damage to the structure, when those section(s) are temporarily sited at the manufacturer's facility, retailer's lot, or the home site.

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