24 CFR § 3285.605 - Fuel supply system.

§ 3285.605 Fuel supply system.

(a) Proper supply pressure. The gas piping system in the home is designed for a pressure that is at least 7 inches of water column [4oz./in. 2 or 0.25 psi] and not more than 14 inches of water column [8 oz./in. 2 or 0.5 psi]. If gas from any supply source exceeds, or could exceed this pressure, a regulator must be installed if required by the LAHJ.

(b) Crossovers.

(1) Multi-section homes with fuel supply piping in both sections require crossover connections to join all sections of the home. The crossover design requirements are located in, and must be designed in accordance with, § 3280.705 of this chapter.

(2) Tools must not be required to connect or remove the flexible connector quick-disconnect.

(c) Testing procedures. The gas system must be inspected and tested for leaks after completion at the site. The installation instructions must provide testing requirements that are consistent with § 3280.705 of this chapter.