24 CFR § 3285.702 - Miscellaneous lights and fixtures.

§ 3285.702 Miscellaneous lights and fixtures.

(a) When the home is installed, exterior lighting fixtures, ceiling-suspended (paddle) fans, and chain-hung lighting fixtures are permitted to be installed in accordance with their listings and part 3280, subpart I of this chapter.

(b) Grounding.

(1) All the exterior lighting fixtures and ceiling fans installed per § 3285.702(a) must be grounded by a fixture-grounding device or by a fixture-grounding wire.

(2) For chain-hung lighting fixtures, as shown in Figure A to this section, both a fixture-grounding device and a fixture-grounding wire must be used. The identified conductor must be the neutral conductor.

(c) Where lighting fixtures are mounted on combustible surfaces such as hardboard, a limited combustible or noncombustible ring, as shown in Figures A and B to this section, must be installed to completely cover the combustible surface exposed between the fixture canopy and the wiring outlet box.

(d) Exterior lights.

(1) The junction box covers must be removed and wire-to-wire connections must be made using listed wire connectors.

(2) Wires must be connected black-to-black, white-to-white, and equipment ground-to-equipment ground.

(3) The wires must be pushed into the box, and the lighting fixture must be secured to the junction box.

(4) The lighting fixture must be caulked around its base to ensure a watertight seal to the sidewall.

(5) The light bulb must be installed and the globe must be attached.

(e) Ceiling fans.

(1) Ceiling-suspended (paddle) fans must be connected to junction box listed and marked for ceiling fan application, in accordance with Article 314.27(b) of the National Electrical Code, NFPA No. 70–2005 (incorporated by reference, see § 3285.4); and

(2) The ceiling fan must be installed with the trailing edges of the blades at least 6 feet 4 inches above the finished floor; and

(3) The wiring must be connected in accordance with the product manufacturer installation instructions.

(f) Testing.

(1) After completion of all electrical wiring and connections, including crossovers, electrical lights, and ceiling fans, the electrical system must be inspected and tested at the site, in accordance with the testing requirements of § 3280.810(b) of this chapter.

(2) The installation instructions must indicate that each manufactured home must be subjected to the following tests:

(i) An electrical continuity test to ensure that metallic parts are effectively bonded;

(ii) Operational tests of all devices and utilization equipment, except water heaters, electric ranges, electric furnaces, dishwashers, clothes washers/dryers, and portable appliances, to demonstrate that they are connected and in working order; and

(iii) For electrical equipment installed or completed during installation, electrical polarity checks must be completed to determine that connections have been made properly. Visual verification is an acceptable electrical polarity check.

Figure A to § 3285.702 Typical Installation of Chain-Hung Lighting Fixture.
Typical Installation of Surface-Mounted Exterior Ligthing Fixture
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