24 CFR § 3285.803 - Interior close-up.

§ 3285.803 Interior close-up.

(a) All shipping blocking, strapping, or bracing must be removed from appliances, windows, and doors.

(b) Interior close up items necessary to join all sections of the home or items subject to transportation damage may be packaged or shipped with the home for site installation.

(c) Shipped-loose wall paneling necessary for the joining of all sections of the home must be installed by using polyvinyl acetate (PVA) adhesive on all framing members and fastened with minimum 1 1/2 inch long staples or nails at 6 inches on center panel edges and 12 inches on center in the field, unless alternative fastening methods are permitted in the installation instructions (see Figure A to § 3285.803).

FIGURE A to §3285.803 - Installation of Interior Field-Applied Panels.

Specific designs must be approved by a DAPIA and included in the home manufacturer installation instructions.