24 CFR § 330.20 - Eligible participants.

§ 330.20 Eligible participants.

In addition to requirements set forth in this part, a participant must meet the following requirements.

(a)Structured securities -

(1)Description. The Association guarantees the payment of principal and interest on structured securities issued by trusts organized by sponsors in accordance with procedures established and approved by the Association. The structured securities are backed by eligible collateral, as described in this part, held by the trustee.

(2)Eligibility requirements for participants -

(i)Sponsors. A sponsor must:

(A) Apply and be approved by the Association;

(B) Demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Association its capacity to accumulate the eligible collateral, as described in this part, needed for a proposed structured securities issuance;

(C) Be in good standing with and either have been responsible for at least one structured securities transaction with FNMA or FHLMC, or have demonstrated to the Association's satisfaction its capability to act as sponsor of GNMA guaranteed structured securities;

(D) Have the minimum required amount, as set forth in the Multiclass Guide, in shareholders' equity or partners' capital, evidenced by the sponsor's audited financial statements, which must have been issued within the preceding 12-month period;

(E) Represent the structural integrity of the issuance under all cash flow scenarios and demonstrate to the Association's satisfaction its ability to indemnify the Association for a breach of this representation;

(F) Comply with the Association's policies regarding participation by minority and/or women-owned businesses and take appropriate measures to assure compliance by the other participants as specified in the Multiclass Guide; and

(G) Provide the Association with the opinions of trust counsel and accounting firms which are acceptable to the Association and on which the Association may rely.

(ii)Co-sponsors. A Co-sponsor must submit to the Association an application and a certification, as set forth in the Multiclass Guide, as to its status as a minority and/or women-owned business.

(iii)Trustees. A trustee is selected by the Sponsor from institutions approved by the Association using such procedures as the Association deems appropriate.

(b)Consolidated securities -

(1)Description. A Depositor delivers, or executes an agreement to deliver, eligible collateral to a trust in exchange for a single Association guaranteed multiclass security, as set forth in the Multiclass Guide.

(2)Eligibility requirements for participant. A Depositor must certify that:

(i) It is an “accredited investor” within the meaning of 17 CFR 230.501(a)(1), (a)(3) or (a)(7);

(ii) It has authority to deliver, and will deliver, the collateral to the trustee and that the collateral is free and clear of all liens and encumbrances; and

(iii) The information set forth by the depositor regarding the eligible collateral is true and correct.

(c)Other types of Association guaranteed multiclass securities. The Association will set forth the requirements for the guaranty by the Association of other types of multiclass securities, and the eligibility requirements for the appropriate participants, in the Multiclass Guide or on the GNMA electronic bulletin board.