24 CFR § 401.411 - Guidelines for determining exception rents.

§ 401.411 Guidelines for determining exception rents.

(a) When do exception rents apply? (1) The Restructuring Plan may provide for exception rents established under section 514(g)(2) of MAHRA for project-based assistance if the PAE determines that project income under the rent levels established under § 401.410 would be inadequate to meet the costs of operating the project as described in paragraph (b) of this section and that the housing needs of the tenants and the community could not be adequately addressed.

(2) In any fiscal year, the PAE may not request HUD to approve Restructuring Plans with exception rents for more than 20 percent of all units covered by the PRA, except that HUD may approve a waiver of this 20 percent limitation based on the PAE's narrative explanation of special need.

(b) How are exception rents calculated? (1) Exception rents must be set at a level sufficient to support the costs of operating the project. The PAE must take into account the following cost items:

(i) Debt service on the second mortgage under § 401.461(a) or a rehabilitation loan included in the Restructuring Plan;

(ii) The operating expenses of the project, as determined by the PAE, including:

(A) Contributions to adequate reserves for replacement;

(B) The costs of maintenance and necessary rehabilitation;

(C) Other eligible costs permitted under the section 8 program;

(iii) An adequate allowance for potential operating losses due to vacancies and failure to collect rents, as determined by the PAE;

(iv) A return to the owner to the extent permitted by § 401.461(b)(3)(ii)(A); and

(v) Other expenses determined by the PAE to be necessary for the operation of the project.

(2) The exception rent must not exceed 120 percent of the Fair Market Rent for the market area, except that HUD may approve an exception rent greater than 120 percent of Fair Market Rent, based on a narrative explanation of special need submitted by the PAE, subject to the 5 percent limitation in section 514(g)(2)(A) of MAHRA.