24 CFR § 570.406 - Formula miscalculation grants.

§ 570.406 Formula miscalculation grants.

(a) General. Grants under this section will be made to States and units of general local government determined by the Secretary to have received insufficient amounts under section 106 of the Act as a result of a miscalculation of its share of funds under such section.

(b) Application. Since the grant is to correct a technical error in the formula amount which should have been awarded under section 106, no application is required.

(c) Use of funds. The use of funds shall be subject to the requirements, certifications and Final Statement otherwise applicable to the grantee's section 106 grant funds provided for the fiscal year in which the grant under this section is made.

(d) Unavailability of funds. If sufficient funds are not available to make the grant in the fiscal year in which the Secretary makes the determination required in paragraph (a) of this section, the grant will be made, subject to the availability of appropriations for this subpart, in the next fiscal year.

[56 FR 41940, Aug. 26, 1991]

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