24 CFR § 570.410 - Special Projects Program.

§ 570.410 Special Projects Program.

(a) Program objectives. The Community Development Special Projects Program enables HUD to award grants to States and units of general local government, subject to availability of funds, for special projects that address community development activities or techniques consistent with the purposes of title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, as amended.

(b) Eligible applicants. Only States and units of general local government (as defined in § 570.3) are eligible to submit proposals or applications for Special Projects grants. Proposals or applications may be submitted by eligible applicants on behalf of themselves, on behalf of other eligible applicants, or jointly by more than one eligible applicant.

(c) Eligible activities.

(1) Project activities that may be funded under this section are those eligible under 24 CFR part 570 - Community Development Block Grants, subpart C - Eligible Activities. No more than twenty (20) percent of the funds awarded under this section may be used for overall program administration or planning activities eligible under §§ 570.205 and 570.206.

(2) The amount of funds awarded to a unit of general local government under this section that may be used for public service activities is limited. The applicant may use whichever of the following methods of calculation yields the highest amount:

(i) Fifteen percent of the special projects grant;

(ii) An amount equal to 15 percent of the sum of special project grant funds plus grant funds received for the same origin year under the Entitlement or State program, less the amount of the Entitlement or State program grant funds which will be used for other public service activities; or

(iii) In the case of an applicant that is an Entitlement grantee subject to the exception in § 570.201(e)(2), an amount equal to the amount of the Entitlement grant funds received for the same origin year that may be used for public service activities, less the amount of the Entitlement grant funds which will be used for other public service activities.

(d) Proposals. Eligible applicants may submit unsolicited proposals. HUD may ask proposers to submit additional information if necessary for evaluation. There is no HUD commitment to fund any unsolicited proposal regardless of its merit. If HUD elects to fund a proposal, it will request that the proposer submit a formal application.

(1) Three (3) copies of a proposal must be sent to the address stated in (3), below. Each proposal submitted pursuant to this section shall be evaluated by HUD using the following criteria:

(i) The extent to which the proposal satisfies purposes of this title and addresses a special community development need.

(ii) The eligibility of proposed activities.

(iii) The feasibility of the project; i.e., its technical and financial feasibility for achieving the goals stated in the proposal.

(iv) The capacity of the proposer to carry out satisfactorily the proposed project activities.

(2) If the proposal is submitted jointly by, or on behalf of, more than one eligible applicant, the proposal must:

(i) Contain a cooperation agreement signed by the Chief Executive Officer of each participating jurisdiction which specifies concurrence with the purpose and intent of the proposal and intent to comply with grant requirements;

(ii) Address problems faced by all jurisdictions listed in the proposal; and,

(iii) Be submitted by the lead jurisdiction. The lead jurisdiction shall be responsible for overall coordination and administration of the project.

(3) Unsolicited proposals may be submitted any time during the year. However, if there are no funds available for such proposals, they will be returned without review. Proposals shall contain a Standard Form 424 signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the State or unit of general local government. They shall be sent to: Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Community Planning and Development, 451 Seventh Street, SW., Washington, DC 20410, Attention: Director, Office of Program Policy Development, CPP.

(e) Applications. Applications are accepted only from eligible applicants in response to letters of solicitations, or to competition announcements published in Notices in the Federal Register. Submission requirements and criteria to be used by HUD to evaluate solicited applications and instructions regarding their submission shall be stated in each Notice or letter.

(f) Certifications. Applications shall contain the certifications required by 24 CFR 570.303, except that regarding citizen participation: The applicant must certify that citizens likely to be affected by the project, particularly low- and moderate-income persons, have been provided an opportunity to comment on the proposal or application. If the application is submitted jointly, or on behalf of more than one jurisdiction, each jurisdiction shall submit the required certifications.

(g) Selection and notification. The HUD decision to approve, disapprove or conditionally approve a proposal or application shall be communicated in writing to the applicant.

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