24 CFR § 586.10 - Applicability.

§ 586.10 Applicability.

(a) General. This part applies to all installations that are approved for closure/realignment by the President and Congress under Pub. L. 101-510 after October 25, 1994.

(b) Request for inclusion under this process. This part also applies to installations that were approved for closure/realignment under either Public Law 100-526 or Public Law 101-510 prior to October 25, 1994 and for which an LRA submitted a request for inclusion under this part to DoD by December 24, 1994. A list of such requests was published in the Federal Register on May 30, 1995 (60 FR 28089).

(1) For installations with Title V applications pending but not approved before October 25, 1994, the LRA shall consider and specifically address any application for use of buildings and property to assist the homeless that were received by HHS prior to October 25, 1994, and were pending with the Secretary of HHS on that date. These pending requests shall be addressed in the LRA's homeless assistance submission.

(2) For installations with Title V applications approved before October 25, 1994 where there is an approved Title V application, but property has not been assigned or otherwise disposed of by the Military Department, the LRA must ensure that its homeless assistance submission provides the Title V applicant with:

(i) The property requested;

(ii) Properties, on or off the installation, that are substantially equivalent to those requested;

(iii) Sufficient funding to acquire such substantially equivalent properties;

(iv) Services and activities that meet the needs identified in the application; or

(v) A combination of the properties, funding, and services and activities described in § 586.10(b)(2)(i) through (iv).

(c) Revised Title V process. All other installations approved for closure or realignment under either Public Law 100-526 or Public Law 101-510 prior to October 25, 1994, for which there was no request for consideration under this part, are covered by the process stipulated under Title V. Buildings or property that were transferred or leased for homeless use under Title V prior to October 25, 1994, may not be reconsidered under this part.