24 CFR § 700.120 - Eligible supportive services.

§ 700.120 Eligible supportive services.

(a) Supportive services or funding for such services may be provided by state, local, public or private providers and CHSP funds. A CHSP under this section shall provide meal and other qualifying services for program participants (and other residents and nonresidents, as described in § 700.125(a)) that are coordinated on site.

(b) Qualifying supportive services are those listed in section 802(k)(16) and in section 700.105.

(c) Meal services shall meet the following guidelines:

(1) Type of service. At least one meal a day must be served in a group setting for some or all of the participants; if more than one meal a day is provided, a combination of a group setting and carry-out meals may be utilized.

(2) Hot meals. At least one meal a day must be hot. A hot meal for the purpose of this program is one in which the principal food item is hot at the time of serving.

(3) Special menus. Grantees shall provide special menus as necessary for meeting the dietary needs arising from the health requirements of conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. Grantees should attempt to meet the dietary needs of varying religious and ethnic backgrounds.

(4) Meal service standards. Grantees shall plan for and provide meals which are wholesome, nutritious, and each of which meets a minimum of one-third of the minimum daily dietary allowances as established by the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council (or State or local standards, if these standards are higher). Grantees must have an annual certification, prepared and signed by a registered dietitian, which states that each meal provided under CHSP meets the minimum daily dietary allowances.

(5) Food stamps and agricultural commodities. In providing meal services grantees must apply for and use food stamps and agricultural commodities as set forth in section 802(d)(2)(A).

(6) Preference for nutrition providers: In contracting for or otherwise providing for meal services grantees must follow the requirements of section 802(d)(2)(B). These requirements do not preclude a grantee or owner from directly preparing and providing meals under its own auspices.