24 CFR 880.502 - Term of contract.

§ 880.502 Term of contract.

(a)Term (except for Manufactured Home Parks). The term of the contract will be as follows:

(1) For assisted units in a project financed with the aid of a loan insured or co-insured by the Federal government or a loan made, guaranteed or intended for purchase by the Federal government, the term will be 20 years.

(2) For assisted units in a project financed other than as described in paragraph (a)(1) of this section, the term will be the lesser of (i) the term of the project's financing (but not less than 20 years), or (ii) 30 years, or 40 years if (A) the project is owned or financed by a loan or loan guarantee from a state or local agency, (B) the project is intended for occupancy by non-elderly families and (C) the project is located in an area designated by HUD as one requiring special financing assistance.

(b)Term for Manufactured Home Parks. For manufactured home units or spaces in newly constructed manufactured home parks, the term of the Contract will be 20 years.

(c)Staged Projects. If the project is completed in stages, the term of the Contract must relate separately to the units in each stage. The total Contract term for the units in all stages, beginning with the effective date of the Contract for the first stage, may not exceed the overall maximum term allowable for any one unit under this section, plus two years.

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