24 CFR 880.501 - The contract.

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§ 880.501 The contract.

(a)Contract. The Housing Assistance Payments Contract sets forth rights and duties of the owner and the contract administrator with respect to the project and the housing assistance payments. The owner and contract administrator execute the Contract in the form prescribed by HUD upon satisfactory completion of the project.

(b) [Reserved]

(c)Housing Assistance Payments to Owners under the Contract. The housing assistance payments made under the Contract are:

(1) Payments to the owner to assist eligible families leasing assisted units, and

(2) Payments to the owner for vacant assisted units (“vacancy payments”) if the conditions specified in § 880.610 are satisfied.

The housing assistance payments are made monthly by the contract administrator upon proper requisition by the owner, except payments for vacancies of more than 60 days, which are made semi-annually by the contract administrator upon requisition by the owner.

(d)Amount of Housing Assistance Payments to Owner.

(1) The amount of the housing assistance payment made to the owner of a unit being leased by an eligible family is the difference between the contract rent for the unit and the tenant rent payable by the family.

(2) A housing assistance payment will be made to the owner for a vacant assisted unit in an amount equal to 80 percent of the contract rent for the first 60 days of vacancy, subject to the conditions in § 880.611. If the owner collects any tenant rent or other amount for this period which, when added to this vacancy payment, exceeds the contract rent, the excess must be repaid as HUD directs.

(3) For a vacancy that exceeds 60 days, a housing assistance payment for the vacant unit will be made, subject to the conditions in § 880.611, in an amount equal to the principal and interest payments required to amortize that portion of the debt attributable to the vacant unit for up to 12 additional months.

(e)Payment of utility reimbursement. Where applicable, the owner will pay a utility reimbursement in accordance with § 5.632 of this title. HUD will provide funds for the utility reimbursement to the owner in trust solely for the purpose of paying the utility reimbursement.

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