24 CFR § 882.806 - Agreement to enter into housing assistance payments contract.

§ 882.806 Agreement to enter into housing assistance payments contract.

(a) Rehabilitation period -

(1) Agreement. Before the owner begins any rehabilitation, the HA must enter into an Agreement with the owner in the form prescribed by HUD.

(2) Timely performance of work.

(i) After execution of the Agreement, the Owner must promptly proceed with the rehabilitation work as provided in the Agreement. If the work is not so commenced, diligently continued, or completed, the PHA will have the right to rescind the Agreement, or take other appropriate action.

(ii) The Agreement must provide that the work must be completed and the contract executed within 12 months of execution of the ACC. HUD may reduce the number of units or the amount of the annual contribution commitment if, in HUD's determination, the HA fails to demonstrate a good faith effort to adhere to this schedule or if other reasons justify reducing the number of units.

(3) Inspections. The PHA must inspect, as appropriate, during rehabilitation to ensure that work is proceeding on schedule and is being accomplished in accordance with the terms of the Agreement, particularly that the work meets the acceptable levels of workmanship and materials specified in the work write-up.

(4) Changes.

(i) The Owner must submit to the PHA for approval any changes from the work specified in the Agreement which would alter the design or the quality of the required rehabilitation. The PHA may condition its approval of such changes on a reduction of the Contract Rents. If changes are made without prior PHA approval, the PHA may determine that Contract Rents must be reduced or that the Owner must remedy any deficiency as a condition for acceptance of the unit(s).

(ii) Contract rents may not be increased except in accordance with §§ 882.408(d) and 882.805(d)(2).

(b) Completion of rehabilitation -

(1) Notification of completion. Section 882.507(a) applies to this program.

(2) Evidence of completion. Section 882.507(b) applies to this program, except that § 882.507(b)(2)(iv), concerning lead-based paint requirements, does not apply.

(3) Actual cost and rehabilitation loan certifications. Section 882.507(c) applies to this program, except that contract rents must be established in accordance with § 882.805(d).

(4) Review and inspections. Section 882.507(d) applies to this program.

(5) Acceptance. Section 882.507(e) applies to this program.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2502-0367)
[61 FR 48057, Sept. 11, 1996, as amended at 63 FR 23856, Apr. 30, 1998]

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