24 CFR § 882.807 - Housing assistance payments contract.

(a) Time of execution. Upon PHA acceptance of the unit(s) and certifications pursuant to § 882.507, the Contract will be executed by the Owner and the PHA. The effective date must be no earlier than the PHA inspection which provides the basis for acceptance as specified in § 882.507(e).

(b) Term of contract. The contract for any unit rehabilitated in accordance with this program must be for a term of 10 years. The contract must give the HA the option to renew the contract for an additional 10 years.

(c) Changes in contract rents from agreement. The contract rents may be higher or lower than those specified in the Agreement, in accordance with § 882.805(d).

(d) Unleased unit(s). At the time of execution of the Contract, the Owner will be required to submit a list of dwelling unit(s) leased and not leased as of the effective date of the Contract.

(e) Contract rents at end of rehabilitation loan term. For a contract in which the initial contract rent was based upon a loan term shorter than 10 years, the contract must provide for reduction of the contract rent effective with the rent for the month following the end of the term of the rehabilitation loan. The amount of the reduction will be the monthly cost of amortization of the rehabilitation loan. This reduction should result in a new contract rent equal to the base rent plus all subsequent adjustments.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2502-0367)
[61 FR 48057, Sept. 11, 1996, as amended at 63 FR 23856, Apr. 30, 1998]

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