24 CFR § 904.202 - Objectives.

§ 904.202 Objectives.

The counseling and training program should seek to achieve the following objectives:

(a) Enable the potential homebuyer to have a full understanding of the responsibilities that accompany his participation in the Homeownership Opportunity Program;

(b) Enable the potential homebuyer to have an understanding of homeownership tasks with specific training given to individuals as the need and readiness for counseling or training indicates;

(c) Assure that the role of the HBA is understood and plans for its organization are initiated at the earliest practical time;

(d) Develop an understanding of the role of the LHA and of the need for a cooperative relationship between the homebuyer and the LHA;

(e) Encourage the development of self-help by the homebuyer through reducing dependency and increasing independent action;

(f) Develop an understanding of mutual assistance and cooperation that will develop a feeling of self-respect, pride and community responsibility;

(g) Develop local resources that can be of assistance to the individual and the community on an on-going basis.

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