24 CFR § 904.203 - Planning.

§ 904.203 Planning.

(a) The counseling and training program shall be flexible and responsive to the needs of each prospective homebuyer. While many subjects lend themselves to group sessions, consideration shall be given to individual counseling. Individuals should not be required to attend training classes on subject matter they are familiar with unless they can actively participate in the instruction process.

(b) The program may be provided by contract with an outside organization, or by the LHA staff, in either case with voluntary involvement and assistance of groups and individuals within the community. It is essential that the training entity be completely knowledgeable and supportive of the entire Homeownership Opportunity Program. It may be recognized that most of the objectives stated require specialized instructional skill and content knowledge. There shall be recognition of the differences in communication and in value systems, and an understanding and respect for past experience of the individual. Maximum possible use shall be made of indigenous trainers to insure good communication and rapport. Special attention shall be directed to the needs of working members of the family for counseling and training sessions to be held where and during the time they can attend. Where the services of outside contractors are utilized, there shall be a close working relationship with the LHA and a program for phasing in LHA staff who will have the on-going responsibility for the program. The value of local agencies, educational institutions, etc., for implementing the program rather than an outside firm shall be carefully considered since the continuing presence of such agencies and institutions in the community can often develop into an on-going resource beyond the contract period.

(c) In planning a homeownership counseling and training program, whether self-administered or contracted, the LHA shall consult with HUD for advice and information on programs, qualified contractors, local resources, reasonable costs, and other similar matters.

(d) Where the program is to be contracted to an outside group, proposals shall be secured either by public advertising or by sending requests for proposals to a number of competent public or private organizations.

(e) In areas where there are large concentrations of homebuyers who do not read, write, or understand English fluently, the native language of the people shall be used. If feasible all instructional materials shall be in both languages.

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