24 CFR § 92.212 - Pre-award costs.

§ 92.212 Pre-award costs.

(a) General. Before the effective date of the HOME Investment Partnership Agreement, the participating jurisdiction may incur costs which may be charged to the HOME allocation after the award of the HOME allocation, provided the costs are in compliance with the requirements of this part (including environmental review requirements) and with the statutory and regulatory requirements in effect at the time the costs are charged to the HOME allocation.

(b) Administrative and planning costs. Eligible administrative and planning costs may be incurred as of the beginning of the participating jurisdiction's consolidated program year (see 24 CFR 91.10) or the date the consolidated plan describing the HOME allocation to which the costs will be charged is received by HUD, whichever is later.

(c) Project costs. Eligible project costs may be incurred during the current program year in an amount not to exceed 25% of the current HOME allocation amount, to be charged to the following year's HOME allocation. Before incurring the pre-award costs, the participating jurisdiction must comply with its citizen participation plan requirements addressing 24 CFR 91.105(b)(2), (4), (5) and (g) (local governments) or 24 CFR 91.115(b)(2), (4), (5) and (f) (States). In lieu of a full action plan, the participating jurisdiction may develop a mini-action plan which describes the proposed pre-award projects and costs in accordance with 24 CFR 91.220(c) and includes, if applicable, 24 CFR 91.220(g)(2) (local governments) or 24 CFR 91.320(c) and, if applicable, 24 CFR 91.320(g)(2) ( States). The mini-action plan must state that HOME funding for the project(s) is subject to the future availability of HOME funds. The subsequent action plan (i.e., action plan for the HOME allocation to which the costs will be charged) must also include the use of HOME funds contained in the mini-action plan.

(d) Subrecipient or State recipient costs. The participating jurisdiction may authorize its subrecipient or State recipient to incur pre-award costs in accordance with the requirements of this section. The authorization must be in writing.

(e) Other pre-agreement costs. Pre-agreement costs in excess of the amount set forth in paragraph (c) of this section must be approved, in writing, by the HUD Field Office before the costs are incurred.