24 CFR § 964.135 - Resident involvement in HA management operations.

§ 964.135 Resident involvement in HA management operations.

Residents shall be involved and participate in the overall policy development and direction of Public Housing operations.

(a) Resident management corporations (RMCs) may contract with HAs to perform one or more management functions provided the resident entity has received sufficient training and/or has staff with the necessary expertise to perform the management functions and provided the RMC meets bonding and licensing requirements.

(b) Residents shall be actively involved in a HA's decision-making process and give advice on matters such as modernization, security, maintenance, resident screening and selection, and recreation.

(c) While a HA has responsibility for management operations, it shall ensure strong resident participation in all issues and facets of its operations through the duly elected resident councils at public housing developments, and with jurisdiction-wide resident councils.

(d) A HA shall work in partnership with the duly elected resident councils.

(e) HAs, upon request from the duly elected resident council, shall ensure that the duly elected resident council officers as defined in subpart B of this part, and other residents in the development are fully trained and involved in developing and implementing Federal programs including but not limited to Comprehensive Improvement Assistance Program (CIAP), Comprehensive Grant Program, Urban Revitalization Demonstration, Drug Elimination, and FIC.

(f) HAs shall involve resident council officers and other interested residents at the development through education and direct participation in all phases of the budgetary process.

(g) Resident council officers shall be encouraged to become involved in the resident screening and selection process for prospective residents at the development. Those selected to perform resident screening and selection functions must be trained by the HA in resident screening and selection and must sign a legal document committing to confidentiality.