24 CFR § 971.7 - Plan for removal of units from public housing inventories.

§ 971.7 Plan for removal of units from public housing inventories.

(a) Time frames. Section 202 is a continuing requirement, and the Secretary will establish time frames for submission of necessary information annually through publication of a Federal Register notice.

(b) Plan for removal. With respect to any development that meets all of the standards listed, the PHA shall develop a plan for removal of the affected public housing units from the inventory. The plan should consider relocation alternatives for households in occupancy, including other public housing and Section 8 tenant-based assistance, and shall provide for relocation from the units as soon as possible. For planning purposes, PHAs shall assume that HUD will be able to provide in a timely fashion any necessary Section 8 rental assistance. The plan shall include:

(1) A listing of the public housing units to be removed from the inventory;

(2) The number of households to be relocated, by bedroom size;

(3) Identification and obligation status of any previously approved CIAP, modernization, or major reconstruction funds for the distressed development and PHA recommendations concerning transfer of these funds to Section 8 or alternative public housing uses;

(4) The relocation resources that will be necessary, including a request for any necessary Section 8 and a description of actual or potential public or other assisted housing vacancies that can be used as relocation housing;

(5) A schedule for relocation and removal of units from the public housing inventory;

(6) Provision for notifying families residing in the development, in a timely fashion, that the development shall be removed from the public housing inventory; informing such families that they will receive tenant-based or project-based assistance; providing any necessary counselling with respect to the relocation, including a request for any necessary counseling funds; and assuring that such families are relocated as necessary to other decent, safe, sanitary and affordable housing which is, to the maximum extent possible, housing of their choice;

(7) The displacement and relocation provisions set forth in 24 CFR 970.5.

(8) A record indicating compliance with the statute's requirements for consultation with applicable public housing tenants of the affected development and the unit of local government where the public housing is located, as set forth in § 971.9.

(c) Section 18 of the United States Housing Act of 1937 shall not apply to demolition of developments removed from PHA inventories under this section, but shall apply to any proposed dispositions of such developments or their sites. HUD's review of any such disposition application will take into account that the development has been required to be removed from the PHA's inventory.

(d) For purposes of determining operating subsidy eligibility under the Performance Funding System (PFS), the submitted plan will be considered the equivalent of a formal request to remove dwelling units from the PHA's inventory and ACC and approval (or acceptance). The PHA will receive written notification that the plan has been approved (or accepted). Units that are vacant or vacated on or after the written notification date will be treated as approved for deprogramming under § 990.108(b)(1) of this chapter and also will be provided the phase-down of subsidy pursuant to § 990.114 of this chapter.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2577-0210)