24 CFR § 982.152 - Administrative fee.

§ 982.152 Administrative fee.

(a) Purposes of administrative fee.

(1) HUD may approve administrative fees to the PHA for any of the following purposes:

(i) Ongoing administrative fee;

(ii) Costs to help families who experience difficulty finding or renting appropriate housing under the program;

(iii) The following types of extraordinary costs approved by HUD:

(A) Costs to cover necessary additional expenses incurred by the PHA to provide reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities in accordance with part 8 of this title (e.g., additional counselling costs), where the PHA is unable to cover such additional expenses from ongoing administrative fee income or the PHA administrative fee reserve;

(B) Costs of audit by an independent public accountant;

(C) Other extraordinary costs determined necessary by HUD Headquarters;

(iv) Preliminary fee (in accordance with paragraph (c) of this section);

(v) Costs to coordinate supportive services for families participating in the family self-sufficiency (FSS) program.

(2) For each PHA fiscal year, administrative fees are specified in the PHA budget. The budget is submitted for HUD approval. Fees are paid in the amounts approved by HUD. Administrative fees may only be approved or paid from amounts appropriated by the Congress.

(3) PHA administrative fees may only be used to cover costs incurred to perform PHA administrative responsibilities for the program in accordance with HUD regulations and requirements.

(b) Ongoing administrative fee.

(1) The PHA ongoing administrative fee is paid for each program unit under HAP contract on the first day of the month. The amount of the ongoing fee is determined by HUD in accordance with Section 8(q)(1) of the 1937 Act (42 U.S.C. 1437f(q)(1)).

(2) If appropriations are available, HUD may pay a higher ongoing administrative fee for a small program or a program operating over a large geographic area. This higher fee level will not be approved unless the PHA demonstrates that it is efficiently administering its HCV program, and that the higher ongoing administrative fee is reasonable and necessary for administration of the program in accordance with HUD requirements.

(3) HUD may pay a lower ongoing administrative fee for PHA-owned units.

(c) Preliminary fee.

(1) If the PHA was not administering a program of Section 8 tenant-based assistance prior to the merger date, HUD will pay a one-time fee in the amount of $500 in the first year the PHA administers a program. The fee is paid for each new unit added to the PHA program by the initial funding increment under the consolidated ACC.

(2) The preliminary fee is used to cover expenses the PHA incurs to help families who inquire about or apply for the program, and to lease up new program units.

(d) Reducing PHA administrative fee. HUD may reduce or offset any administrative fee to the PHA, in the amount determined by HUD, if the PHA fails to perform PHA administrative responsibilities correctly or adequately under the program (for example, PHA failure to enforce HQS requirements; or to reimburse a receiving PHA promptly under portability procedures).

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