24 CFR § 982.206 - Waiting list: Opening and closing; public notice.

§ 982.206 Waiting list: Opening and closing; public notice.

(a) Public notice.

(1) When the PHA opens a waiting list, the PHA must give public notice that families may apply for tenant-based assistance. The public notice must state where and when to apply.

(2) The PHA must give the public notice by publication in a local newspaper of general circulation, and also by minority media and other suitable means. The notice must comply with HUD fair housing requirements.

(3) The public notice must state any limitations on who may apply for available slots in the program.

(b) Criteria defining what families may apply.

(1) The PHA may adopt criteria defining what families may apply for assistance under a public notice.

(2) If the waiting list is open, the PHA must accept applications from families for whom the list is open unless there is good cause for not accepting the application (such as denial of assistance because of action or inaction by members of the family) for the grounds stated in §§ 982.552 and 982.553.

(c) Closing waiting list. If the PHA determines that the existing waiting list contains an adequate pool for use of available program funding, the PHA may stop accepting new applications, or may accept only applications meeting criteria adopted by the PHA.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2577-0169)
[59 FR 36682, July 18, 1994, as amended at 60 FR 34717, July 3, 1995; 60 FR 45661, Sept. 1, 1995; 63 FR 23860, Apr. 30, 1998; 64 FR 26643, May 14, 1999]

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