24 CFR § 982.601 - Overview.

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§ 982.601 Overview.

(a) Special housing types. This subpart describes program requirements for special housing types. The following are the special housing types:

(1) Single room occupancy (SRO) housing;

(2) Congregate housing;

(3) Group home;

(4) Shared housing;

(5) Manufactured home;

(6) Cooperative housing (excluding families that are not cooperative members); and

(7) Homeownership option.

(b) PHA choice to offer special housing type.

(1) The PHA may permit a family to use any of the following special housing types in accordance with requirements of the program: single room occupancy (SRO) housing, congregate housing, group home, shared housing, manufactured home when the family owns the home and leases the manufactured home space, cooperative housing or homeownership option.

(2) In general, the PHA is not required to permit families (including families that move into the PHA program under portability procedures) to use any of these special housing types, and may limit the number of families using special housing types.

(3) The PHA must permit use of any special housing type if needed as a reasonable accommodation so that the program is readily accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities in accordance with 24 CFR part 8.

(4) For occupancy of a manufactured home, see § 982.620(a).

(c) Program funding for special housing types.

(1) HUD does not provide any additional or designated funding for special housing types, or for a specific special housing type (e.g., the homeownership option). Assistance for special housing types is paid from program funding available for the PHA's tenant-based program under the consolidated annual contributions contract.

(2) The PHA may not set aside program funding or program slots for special housing types or for a specific special housing type.

(d) Family choice of housing and housing type. The family chooses whether to use housing that qualifies as a special housing type under this subpart, or as any specific special housing type, or to use other eligible housing in accordance with requirements of the program. The PHA may not restrict the family's freedom to choose among available units in accordance with § 982.353.

(e) Applicability of requirements.

(1) Except as modified by this subpart, the requirements of other subparts of this part apply to the special housing types.

(2) Provisions in this subpart only apply to a specific special housing type. The housing type is noted in the title of each section.

(3) Housing must meet the requirements of this subpart for a single special housing type specified by the family. Such housing is not subject to requirements for other special housing types. A single unit cannot be designated as more than one special housing type.

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