24 CFR § 983.59 - PHA-owned units.

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§ 983.59 PHA-owned units.

(a) Selection of PHA-owned units. The selection of PHA-owned units must be done in accordance with § 983.51(e).

(b) Inspection and determination of reasonable rent by independent entity. In the case of PHA-owned units, the following program services may not be performed by the PHA, but must be performed instead by an independent entity approved by HUD.

(1) Determination of rent to owner for the PHA-owned units. Rent to owner for PHA-owned units is determined pursuant to §§ 983.301 through 983.305 in accordance with the same requirements as for other units, except that the independent entity approved by HUD must establish the initial contract rents based on PBV program requirements;

(2) Initial and renewal HAP contract term. The term of the HAP contract and any HAP contract renewal for PHA-owned units must be agreed upon by the PHA and the independent entity approved by HUD. Any costs associated with implementing this requirement must be paid for by the PHA; and

(3) Inspection of PHA-owned units as required by § 983.103(f).

(c) Nature of independent entity. The independent entity that performs these program services may be the unit of general local government for the PHA jurisdiction (unless the PHA is itself the unit of general local government or an agency of such government) or another HUD-approved public or private independent entity.

(d) Payment to independent entity.

(1) The PHA may compensate the independent entity from PHA ongoing administrative fee income (including amounts credited to the administrative fee reserve). The PHA may not use other program receipts to compensate the independent entity for its services.

(2) The PHA, and the independent entity, may not charge the family any fee for the services provided by the independent entity.

[70 FR 59913, Oct. 13, 2005, as amended at 79 FR 36167, June 25, 2014]